George Ladas Wedding Photographer | 4 Greek Treats your Wedding Guests would love to taste. Part #2

4 Greek Treats your Wedding Guests would love to taste. Part #2

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As we promised, this is another sweet and tasteful post to inform you about the sweetest treats for your wedding.


Get ready to check out our wonderful traditional treats,and why not you may try them out as well.




Honey and Walnuts, from Crete island:



According to the tradition Honey&Walnuts was given all around Crete from the couple's parents to the couple after wedding.

Honey symbolizes the "sweetness and love", which lead them to marriage.

On the other hand,Walnut symbolized the connection between the families and the couple, as it can break in four pieces (bride,groom and their families).

So in order to wish the couple to have a wonderful life they offered them Honey&Walnuts.














Kserotigana,from Crete and Amorgos islands:



This treat is always offered in Cretan weddings, it is mainly made by honey, nuts , Raki (Cretan traditional alcoholic drinking) and cinnamon.

This marvellous combination is that tasteful that Cretans can't totally wait to taste it. So it is also offered in fests and big events!


Correspondingly,  in Amorgos people offer Kserotigana at Christmas, traditional fests, weddings and Baptisms.

It symbolizes each and every happy moment of their lifes,to locals.

There is also an exclusive day " Fest of Kserotigano " , where people can watch out how it is made as well as enjoy traditional dances.









Sugared Almosts (Bon bon) from Mylos:



It is widely known that Bon bon have been offered in weddings for many years.

But what is so special at Mylos' ones?

It is made with love, traditional mood and have some really special ingredients!

White pumkin,


Lemon Juice,


is a combination that really makes a difference comparing to the "usual" recipe.











Daxtyla (=Fingers) , from Cyprus isle:



Such a tasteful treat surrounded by syrup.

It's named because of their long shape which reminding Fingers.

Being an authentic treat of Cyprus is not the only advantage it is also really tasteful without being too sweet.

A treat for all likings!











Although this post cannot be fulifilled with each and every wedding tradition of Greeks, I hope from the bottom of my heart that you enjoyed these posts and they really inspired and motivated you to try out these greek traditional tastes!



Keep it sweet till our next post !!!


















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