George Ladas Wedding Photographer | Men deserve to be chic and stylish with accessories too.

Men deserve to be chic and stylish with accessories too.

January 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hello dear friends,

men deserve to have style,to be chic,picky and express themselves as well as women do.

So let's add some new details in our style for both formal and informal outfit.

Bracelets,necklaces,rings,earrings,watches,wallets,sunglasses are some tiny but really decisive factors for men's style.


You can be stylish in work.

You can also be stylish in your everyday life.

You can be stylish in each and every chapter of your life.

Even in your wedding!

Well the bride will always capture the attention of people but the groom can be stunning as well.


Wearing a suit can undoubtedly be really chic and elegant but wearing a bracelet, a watch and sunglasses as well as rings can add some really attractive details on your outfit.

Brooches can be greatly fit in each and every formal look as you can notice in photo below.

Don't be afraid of adding new accessories in your outfits.

We highly encourage you to be yourself and express yourself the best way possible!



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