George Ladas Wedding Photographer | Things a bride should do before she puts on her wedding gown.

Things a bride should do before she puts on her wedding gown.

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The moment has finally arrived. Υou're going to put your wedding dress on and get ready to walk down the aisle. It’s such a special moment, but don’t rush it. In fact, before you put on the gown, make sure you do these six tasks...

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Eat and drink.

In all of the excitement of getting ready, you might be tempted to skip eating and drinking. Don’t--you want to stay nourished and hydrated before things really get crazy (although you should limit your drinking to one glass of champagne or a mimosa, and then stick with water). Just do it before you put on your dress.


Go to the bathroom.

While you will have to deal with your wedding dress at some point during a visit to the ladies’ room, take one last trip to the bathroom before putting it on.


Put on the right undergarments.

Before the big day, you need to shop for the perfect undergarments for your dress. You should even bring them with you to a fitting to make sure they work with your dress.


Brush your teeth.

You don’t want to risk toothpaste getting on your gown, but you do want your breath nice and fresh for that first kiss as husband and wife.


Steam it.

You might want to take your dress to be steamed at the bridal salon one last time to make sure it looks absolutely perfect on the big day.


Do a stain check.

Just take a quick look at the dress from all angles. If you see a small spot, don’t panic. There are plenty of quick treatment options you can use--just be sure to call the bridal salon or dry cleaner before you do anything. oks absolutely perfect on the big day.




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