George Ladas Wedding Photographer | Story in a Story, Vol. 2

Story in a Story, Vol. 2

April 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Weddings are capable of bringing even the most hardhearted among us to tears...

And when you are the one walking down the aisle, you 'd better have lots of tissues handy -not just for yourself, but also for the nearest and dearest family and friends.

Wedding photographers may be behind the camera all night long, but that doesn't mean they are immune to the powerful emotions of the day!

Goerge and Eleftheria was not an exception and they gave me the chance to capture true emotional moments, like this one. They are in love and they don't miss a chance to show to each other!


It 's a truth universally acknowledged that mums love wedding photos. As long as you look happy and in love in your photographs, your mum is almost certainly going to be teary-eyed as she flicks through your wedding album. However in the rush of the day, it 's easy to miss those emotional moments that will really mean the world to her. 

I always try to be present on those wonderful and unique emotional moments.

On this photo, Eleftheria 's mum couldn 't keep her tears and I am sure she will remember forever that her little girl got married...



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