George Ladas Wedding Photographer | 7 Posing Tips for every Bride (and not only).

7 Posing Tips for every Bride (and not only).

March 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

You’ll no doubt treasure your wedding photos for a lifetime, so you want to make sure you look your absolute best in them. Even with the perfect hair, makeup and, of course, dress, there might be a few crucial things you forget to do when posing on your big day. These are seven tips you want to make sure you get right for perfect pictures.


1. Freshen up your makeup. You’ve made it through the ceremony and kissed your groom (probably more than once). When you’re done with the receiving line and moving fast to get in important shots before the cocktail hour begins, it can be easy to forget to freshen up your makeup–especially reapplying lip gloss.

2. Choose the right angle. You don’t want to take the shot standing straight towards the camera. Instead, stand at a slight angle and tilt your chin down slightly.

3. Focus on your best side. Everyone has one side that photographs better than others. Look in the mirror, take selfies and ask a few honest friends what they think your best side is–then let your photographer know that’s the one you want to use for the majority of your shots.

4. Sit pretty. You want your posture to be on point in every photo, but it’s especially important when you’re taking shots while sitting. So be sure to sit up straight, legs crossed at the ankles.

5. Hold your bouquet properly. For a traditional bouquet, hold it right in front, at about waist level with your arms held out a bit from your hips a bit. If your arms are right against your sides, it will make you look bigger. Or you can hold it loosely with one hand loosely with one and let the other hang naturally by your side for a more relaxed look.

6. Smile. Yes, it is possible to forget to smile on the happiest day of your life if you’re super nervous. Remember that a beautiful smile is the best accessory on your wedding day.

7. Relax. Don’t overthink posing–it will translate into your photos. If you just relax and be yourself, they will be more natural and reflect the real you.


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