I am a father of two children and a husband of a wonderful wife who provide me with all I need to walk through life. I am also a coffee lover and a great humorist!

I specialize in wedding photography and portraits. Becoming part of your life through photography, capturing your happiness and joy, is an amazing way for me to feel inspired, challenged and excited.

My passion originates in street photography, where the decisive moment is the key point to a successful photo.

That said, every photo may become a short story itself. I love simple and austere lines, I am a fun of Greek minimalism and I also like geometric and ethereal forms in photography. I strongly believe that beauty nests inside simplicity.

Every significant moment of your life such as a wedding, affiance, christening or an elopement, is a unique story that unfolds before my eyes, full of intense and strong feelings which I manage to capture it in my photographs and tell it my own creative way. Thus, as time passes by, you have the possibility to relive and reminisce your wonderful moments, feel empowered by them and be flooded with those feelings!

It would be a great honor to choose me as the storyteller of your once in a lifetime event.

If photography is important to you as well, don't hesitate to contact me. 

I 'm eager to meet you, learn about you and reveal the beauty of your story, together.


You are special… I ‘ll help you remember.